Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Power of Gems

Gem astrologer K. Sudhish says that the accurate reading of a person's aura can help cure them of illnesses and other problems

By Shevlin Sebastian

Photo of Sudhish by Ratheesh Sundaram

Top corporate professional Brijesh Verma was doing well in his career. But he had a nagging sense of sorrow. His 13-year-old daughter had a persistent back pain. He had tried all sorts of treatments, but nothing had worked. “I realised that I needed some divine help,” he says. At that moment, his colleague Naveen told him about a gem astrologer K. Sudhish, who lives in Kochi.

So, in 2012, Brijesh gave Sudhish a call and told him about his daughter's problem. After listening to him intently, Sudhish asked Brijesh to make his daughter wear a sapphire ring. Soon, her pain stopped. An elated Brijesh began to consult for himself. Sudhish asked for his time and date of birth.

But that is not the most important information for Sudhish,” says Brijesh. “Most astrologers use the date to create a horoscope and work from that. But Sudhish does not do that. He will ask a couple of questions which are physical in origin: 'Do you have a headache?' 'Do you like sleeping in a particular way?' He takes all the inputs to arrive at a broad conclusion.”

Soon, Sudhish told Brijesh to wear a ruby stone. After some time, he suggested a sapphire ring. After wearing the rings for a while, Brijesh was surprised to see that his attitude had become positive minded. “I felt good,” he says. “I believe it is psychological. The first impact is definitely on the mind. I turned from being a negative to a positive person. You start seeing life in a different perspective. Your mind becomes more receptive.”

For three years, Brijesh carried on consulting with Sudhish. And, amazingly, they have not met. All consultations have been done on the phone.

What I like about Sudhish is his scientific approach,” says Brijesh. “There are astrologers who give confusing explanations about planets. But Sudhish knows about how gems can alter the vibrations in the pressure points of the body.”

Sudhish smiles when he hears this. “I want to state at the outset that I am not doing any magic,” he says. “Nobody can say for sure that if you wear a gem, good things will happen.”

Nevertheless, Sudhish has a method. “If somebody is born in Kochi at a particular time, I study the vibrations at that time in that spot,” he says. “At what degree was the sun? I also study the position of the planets and the stars. Every person's aura has seven colours. The radiation from the stone will correct the imbalances. So if somebody cannot sleep properly, when they put on a ring, they are cured within a day. But this does not solve your health problems. I do not suggest that. There is no extraordinary power involved. It is all based on calculations.”

Incidentally, there are all types of stones: diamond, ruby, pearl, emerald, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, and sapphire.

And there are many satisfied people. “I get new customers through word of mouth,” he says. “Those who live outside Kerala have a deeper belief that there is a power in stones. But there are also Malayalis who have been cured.”

Mohan was suffering from a perpetual cold for several months. He tried allopathy and ayurveda. He even tried naturopathy for a while. But there was no cure. When a friend mentioned about Sudhish, Mohan was understandably skeptical. “I believe in medicine and a scientific way of thinking,” he says. “Nevertheless, feeling desperate, I consulted Sudhish.”

The astrologer gave Mohan a sapphire ring. Within a week, his cough had vanished. “I don't know how it is done, but I have become a believer in the power of gems,” says Mohan, with a smile.

Like most people, Sudhish stumbled on to his calling by accident. While staying in Mumbai, in 1995, he had a friend, Benson, who gave him a blue stone which he had picked up on Chowpatty Bench. “Benson used it for a while, but nothing happened to him,” says Sudhish. “So he gave it to me. When I wore it, good things happened to me. Soon, I lost it. Then bad events took place. That was when I realised that there is some power in stones.”

Subsequently, he began a study of gemology. Then a few years ago, Sudhish had gone to Rishikesh for a pilgrimage. While there, he met a Jewish doctor Frederick who was an expert in Egyptian gemology. Sudhish learnt Egyptian gemology from him. “I use it now, because it is very accurate,” he says.

And as his reputation spreads, Sudhish smiles and says, “I am contributing in a small way to make the lives of people better.”

(Published in The New Indian Express, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram)