Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Anita Dube: On a Journey Through The Art World

By Shevlin Sebastian

On the phone from New Delhi, Anita Dube sounds rushed. But that is understandable. Ever since she was appointed as the curator of the fourth edition of the Kochi Muziris Biennale, which will begin in December, 2018, she has been on a series of travels.

Anita has been to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand looking at the works of artists. “I am going to focus on the Global South for this Biennale – South-East Asia, Africa and Latin America,” she says. “But that does not mean that I will be excluding Europe. I have also been to Denmark, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway and other Nordic countries to meet up with artists.”

As for the theme, Anita says, “I would like to explore possibilities for a non-alienated human existence, as well as give opportunities to women, and those from the margins of society.”

Looking back, the appointment in March this year had been thrilling. “Firstly, because I am a woman,” she says. “Secondly, it will allow me to bring a feminist viewpoint to the Biennale.”

Asked whether she was intimidated, Anita says, “Not at all. But I did ask myself whether I was up to the task and did feel so.”

It has been an up-and-down journey so far. “That is the case when you are handling any big responsibility,” she says. “You do feel stressed out at certain moments, but at the same time, it has been such an enriching experience. I have seen so many wonderful art works and met some fascinating people.” 

(Sunday Magazine, The New Indian Express, South India and Delhi) 

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