Friday, July 10, 2015

Kochi couple makes first-ever Hindi song on ISRO

By Shevlin Sebastian

From the time Joffy Jose was a child, growing up in Guruvayur, he has been fascinated by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). “I would read up about ISRO all the time,” says Joffy, who has studied only till Class 10. Following his marriage to Mollywood playback singer Liji Francis, Joffy came up with the idea of doing a song about ISRO.

The music video, a Hindi song by Liji, showcases the major achievements of ISRO, like the launch of the first satellite, Aryabhata, the first mission to the Moon – Chandrayaan-1, as well as the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalayaan).

The song, which has been written by lyricist V. Mahadevan, begins like this:

Theree Kasam
Aan Aur Shaan Hum Laayenge
Maa Theree Kasam
Roshan Karenge Theree Naam.
Aasmaan Ko Chuenge
Thaaraon Se Milenge
Aan Aur Shaan Hum Laayenge

(Promise on you
We shall bring pride and prestige
Mother India
Promise on you.

Your name will be made brighter
We shall touch the skies
Meet with the stars
We shall bring pride and prestige)

The couple's four-year-old daughter, Velga, runs aloft with an Indian flag in the five-minute video. The others who were involved are Mollywood personnel Binu Parameshwaram (camera), Philip Jaykumar (music), Rathyush Ramachandran (technical advisor) and Abdul Jabbar (editing/direction).

They asked for little,” says the Kochi-based Joffy, who runs Gulf Tech, an electrical and home appliance maintenance firm. “In fact, they were keen to be part of the project.” Overall, Joffy and Liji had to spend Rs 3 lakh.

I don't have a problem with the cost,” says Liji. “The idea is very interesting. I believe it will appeal to young and old alike. This is the first song ever on ISRO.”

The couple showed the video to Thrikkakara MLA Benny Behanan, who liked it. He then arranged for Chief Minister Oommen Chandy to view it at Cliff House, Thiruvananthapuram. Later, the CM agreed to release it, provided there is an all-clear by ISRO. So, the couple went to Bangalore and met the then Chairman K. Radhakrishnan last year.

Radhakrishnan Sir also liked the song,” says Joffy. “But he said he would prefer images of him to be replaced by team pics.”

Joffy and Liji felt encouraged. There were a few exchanges of e-mails. But once Radhakrishnan retired on December 31, 2014, there has been no response from ISRO. After a seven-month lull, Joffy is now planning to petition Prime Minister Narendra Modi to release it. 

(The New Indian Express, Kerala editions) 

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