Monday, March 08, 2010

'God is above all religions'


Says Kochi Police Commissioner Manoj Abraham

By Shevlin Sebastian

In 2004, Kochi Police Commissioner Manoj Abraham attended a Christian convention at Thiruvananthapuram. During the course of his preaching, Rev. Sundar Singh said, “God has spoken to me. He says that the person sitting on the extreme right, on the last row, will have a child soon.”

When Manoj, who was sitting on that particular chair, heard this, he knew he was going to become a father.

And indeed, that month, after five long years, his wife, Shyno, became pregnant.

Manoj’s first-born is a son, Johann. In 2008, he had another son, Nihan.

The police commissioner prays to God several times a day. “Prayer is the medium by which you can have an intense relationship with God,” he says. “God is above all religions. In fact, religion limits God to something earthly, but He is far above that.”

Keenly aware of the divine force, Manoj consults God before taking a decision. When Johann had to be admitted to kindergarten for the first time, Manoj short-listed three schools, but then did not know which one to choose finally. He says, “I asked God to give me a hint.”

Shyno, who was on the first floor of their bungalow, suddenly said that she was going downstairs. If she spotted a red rose in the house, they would select a particular school. And, indeed, when Shyno went downstairs, she saw three red roses in a vase.

“Generally, people do not give roses as a gift to a Police Commissioner,” says Manoj, with a smile. “But thanks to those flowers we were able to take the right decision.”

Even in his job, Manoj prays for help. “Suppose a VVIP is coming for a visit,” he says. “I will ask God to help me, so that I am able to solve the problems, and the visit goes off smoothly.” As a police commissioner, the ultimate responsibility of a VVIP’s security lies with him.

A candid Manoj says that he got the job, not because of any great qualities or abilities. “God has given me this post,” he says. “And because it is a big task to look after a city, I always ask Him to be a guide.”

Manoj, sometimes, makes unusual requests to the guide. Every night, before he goes to sleep he asks God to protect the city. “There are 2000 policemen on patrol,” he says. “But that alone will not help. I am not a superhuman. I am doing what any other police officer in this post will do. But when I place my trust in God, I discovered that you get supernatural results.”

Incidentally, on his office table, there is a brass bowl, which is filled with water. On the surface are red and white petals. At the middle, in a cup, filled with oil, there is a small wick, which is burning brightly. “Most people come to see the police only when they have a problem,” he says. “With this small light, I want to convey a ray of hope to them.”

(The New Indian Express, Kerala)

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