Saturday, February 14, 2015

Maizie Cool

The Boney M band, featuring Maizie Williams, is in Kochi 

By Shevlin Sebastian

Maizie Williams, the lead singer of the Boney M band, has one regret. When her band members went on a boat trip, near Kochi, she was stuck on land, doing media interviews. “They told me they had a wonderful time,” says Maizie.

Yes, indeed, the band is having a wonderful time in Kochi. “The people are so humble and nice and have been treating us so well,” says Maizie. “The place is also so beautiful. The palm and coconut trees and all the greenery reminds me of my home town – the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean.”

And she has been delving into the local cuisine, “I love the dal curry a lot,” she says. “In fact, I am enjoying having all types of spicy food.” The band members have been to Fort Kochi, visited temples and enjoyed a beach-side barbeque.

Maizie has been amazed that people love Boney M songs, especially the new generation. “It is overwhelming,” she says. “My heart is filled with gratitude when I see all the young fans. And I am thinking, 'Wow, 40 years later, and the songs are still popular.'”

Asked the reason why, Maizie says, “I feel that God laid his hands on us when we were recording the songs. Another reason is that the melodies are so good. The lyrics are simple, clean and family-oriented. So, children and grandparents can listen and dance along.”

About her favourite Boney M song, Maizie says, “It's none other than 'By The Rivers of Babylon'. I love the spiritual vibe of that song. It touches my heart every time I sing it. And, always, all the hands of the audience will go up, as they sway to the music.”

And this seasoned performer, with more than four decades of experience, still gets butterflies in her stomach before a show. “But once I step on stage, I forget about it, because I am so keen to deliver a good performance.”

(Published in The New Indian Express, Kochi)

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