Monday, June 13, 2016

With Tushar Gandhi

Thanks to the Friends of Tibet, Tushar Gandhi, the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, came to Kochi to give a speech on Gandhism. It was a one-hour speech and not a moment of boredom: scintillating and inspiring, to say the least, and a much-needed one during these divisive times. When we were looking for a place to pose, it was he who suggested that we stand on either side of a caricature of the Dalai Lama.

Unlike Gandhiji, he is big-built. In his speech, he recounted how when he went to a school in Ahmedabad, he was introduced to a group of Class 6 students. One girl stood up and said, "Miss, he cannot be Gandiji's great-grandson. I think he is a wrestler."

A big thanks to colleague Ratheesh Sundaram for the snap. 

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