Sunday, June 24, 2012

The 'Second Show' goes on....

Rising star Dulquer Salman and the crew celebrate 100 days of the film

Photo: Dulquer Salman (extreme left) with the crew of the 'Second Show' 

By Shevlin Sebastian

When Jose Thettayil, the MLA of Angamaly, saw a preview of the film, ‘Second Show’ at the Cinemax, Kochi, in March, he was taken aback by the swift cuts and shooting done with a hand-held camera.

“It was a film far ahead of the times,” he says. “'Second Show' was an explosive experience for me.” Later, Thettayil called up superstar Mammooty and told him, “Your son [Dulquer Salman] has acted better than you on your debut.”

Thettayil was speaking at the 100-day celebrations of ‘Second Show’ in Kochi, organised by the producers, AOPL Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Says Managing Director, Prashant Narayanan: “It was a journey of one-and-a-half years. We have come to the end of the ‘Second Show’. Now it is time to move on to the third show.”

The audience comprised members of the film industry, theatre owners, and the media. Film director Srinath Rajendran says that it was a genuine effort made by all during the making of the film. “That is why the film has crossed one hundred days,” he says.

While the other actors spoke, the cynosure of all eyes, was, of course, on rising star Dulquer. He was dressed in a tight white shirt that revealed his muscular arms, blue jeans, and pointed black shoes.

“When I flew to Kozhikode for my first day of shooting, I was all alone,” says a constantly-smiling Dulquer. “I knew I was going to spend the next two months with a group of people I have never met before. Nevertheless, I felt a sense of peace.”

Dulquer went on to praise the crew of the film. “It was a team without any egos,” he says. “All the guys, including Gauthami [Nair, the heroine] are very close to me. Even now when I receive a SMS from any of them, I feel as if it is a member of my family who is sending it. It was like a college project. Thanks for giving me the break.”  

Meanwhile, all the theatre owners, across the length and breadth of Kerala, who had shown the film, as well as the crew members, received plaques commemorating the 100 days. Prize-givers included veteran actor Kunjan and Vinod Mathew Jacob, the Resident Editor of the New Indian Express.

In his vote of thanks, Vivek Ramadevan, the CEO of Content and Marketing, AOPL, spoke of how they stumbled on the idea of making Dulquer the hero. “I went and met Mammooty a few times, and wanted to narrate the story, but was not able to do so,” says Vivek.

One day, Mammooty told Vivek, when the latter asked once again for time, “I don’t have time to listen to the scripts of my own films, how will  I find time for my son’s script?” Eventually, the superstar gave his son’s number, and Vivek contacted Dulquer. The latter liked the script and agreed to act in the film.

And changed the course of his life.

(The New Indian Express, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram)

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