Monday, November 14, 2011

Dulquer Salman steps into the spotlight

Mammooty's son is acting as the hero in his debut film, 'Second Show', which is releasing in January, 2012

By Shevlin Sebastian

Dulquer Salman, the son of superstar Mammooty, has been launched into the public spotlight at an elaborate function at the Le Meridien hotel in Kochi on Thursday night. The occasion was the market launch of the film, ‘Second Show’, in which Dulquer makes his debut as a hero, paired with another newcomer, Gauthami Nair.

The audience comprised members of the Malayalam film industry, which included superstar Dileep, veteran film director, Sibi Malayil, and young actress Rima Kallingal, politicians like State Excise Minister K. Babu and former Transport Minister Jose Thettayil, apart from corporate professionals.

The crew was introduced through a catwalk demonstration led by models wearing tight yellow and red skirts and long black and silver stiletto heels. What was astonishing to see was that the team, including director Srinath Rajendran, is in their twenties. “80 per cent of the crew comprises first-timers,” says Srinath.

When Dulquer stepped onto the stage, many were seeing him for the first time. He has nice cheekbones, a sharp nose, soft red lips and a laid-back presence. He wore an open black jacket, with a blue handkerchief sticking out of the pocket, blue jeans and gleaming black leather shoes.

“There is no doubt that Dulquer is handsome,” says Rima. “But as the son of Mammooty, he will have to bear the burden of high expectations.”

Off stage, Dulquer smiled easily, as people came up to shake his hand. One bespectacled man simply said, “Pappi Appacha.” It was the film's director, Mamas Chandran. “Oh hello,” Dulquer said, with an amused grin.

Earlier, a teaser clip from 'Second Show' gave no indication of whether Dulquer has screen presence, charisma, or talent. But Dileep said, “The reports that we have received so far indicate that Dulquer has given a good performance. I wish him all the best. And I entreat the audience to not only see the second show, but also the morning, noon, matinee, and evening shows.”

‘Second Show’ has been made by AOPL Entertainment on a budget of Rs 3.5 crore. “The film is about getting second chances in life, in romance, and even in revenge,” says director Srinath. “Dulquer plays Lalu, who is willing to do any kind of job to survive. The story is inspired by real-life events.”

‘Second Show’ is slated to be released in January 2012.

(The New Indian Express, Kerala)