Monday, February 06, 2012

Prabha Yesudas celebrated 60th birthday in style

Photo: The author interviewing Yesudas and his wife, Prabha. Pic by Mithun Vinod.

By Shevlin Sebastian

“I cannot feel she is 60,” says K.J. Yesudas. “Age is just a number. God has given me the connection to everybody and specially to my dear wife.” The legendary singer placed an arm around his wife's shoulders in the 16th floor suite of the Holiday Inn, at Kochi.

“Sometimes, Prabha becomes my mother,” says Yesudas. “Sometimes, she is my adviser. In the end, she is everything for me.” But for a singer, the art will always come first, isn't it? “True, the art will come first, so I always say, Prabha is my second wife,” says Yesudas. Prabha counters that by saying, "And we are both devoted to the first wife." Soon, both are convulsed in laughter.

Yes, Prabha Yesudas celebrated her 60th birthday in style yesterday. Her face is unlined, and she wore a rich green saree with a red border and emerald earrings. The clan had gathered together to felicitate her.

So, there were sons Vinod, and Vishal and his wife from the USA, Vijay and Darshana, with their daughter, Ammeya, from Chennai, Vijay's in-laws, S. Balagopal and his wife, Tara, from Dubai, Tara's parents from Thiruvanthapuram, apart from other relatives and close friends.

“This is the biggest celebration for me,” says Prabha. “All the family members and friends gathered together.”

In fact, even as Prabha spoke, calls kept coming on her mobile, from people who wanted to greet her.

Earlier in the day, a teacher and fan, K. Pisharady gave an embossed photo, of Yesudas and Prabha, enclosed in a golden frame, with a poem, which he had written. Here are a couple of lines: 'May Almighty give longevity to you. Your soothing smile has always inspired Dasettan.'

Prabha's daughter-in-law Darshana says, “She is not my mother-in-law, she is my mother. I go to her more than my own mother. She is a person who does not interfere and lets us be. And she is always there, whenever we call her, even at 3 a.m.”

Meanwhile, Yesudas tells his wife he has to go out for some work. Later, downstairs in the lobby, Vijay says, with a smile, “My dad has gone out to buy a surprise gift for my mother.”

(The New Indian Express, Kerala)


  1. Yesudas feels 'connected' to his beloved wife ? Is that why he had an affair ,decades ago with a young Prabha and discarded her to get engaged to a lovely young lady from Quilon ?

    He's a disgrace.

    When Prabha threatened suicide,he refrained from marrying his fiance... because he feared a scandal that could affect his career.

    He almost spoiled his fiances life- a beautiful cultured lady from Quilon from a good family,who was too good for this disgraceful man,Yesudas.

    She eventually married a man who deserved her- an highly qualified American surgeon.

    Today,she has two children,both highly trained successful american doctors....

    I think Yesudas's son's have no degree close to an M.D. or an F.R.C.S./F.A.C.S.

    Just a lot of money and no education ,solid family background/ancestry or refinement.

    1. Who is this lady? I would appreciate if you answer. Does jesudas have a sister in law called pyari

  2. the above comment smacks of jealousy. yesudas is yesudas no matter how much you disagree with him on a personal plane, he is simply one of the best singers of all times and a very nice gentleman.

  3. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Mr. Jayan is absolutely right. We all admire Yesudas for his music and his humble charterer. No MRCP/ FRCS or any other degree in the world can be compared with this god gifted talent. Attacking on personal traits is too bad. it belittles not Yesudas, but the commenter.

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Dear Siam catx,
    Hey, You need a PSYCHIATRIST cousult

  5. Rajkumar5:59 PM

    Every saint has a Sinful past including Mahatma Gandhi. We should not fight over known truth and learn from that.

  6. Age difference between Yesudas Sir and his wife is about 12 years. He hesitated about marrying her because of the age gap but he knew her and her family when she was a child... Please refrain from writing filth unless you can provide source for the information. People spread rumors out of jealousy and news to this effect is usually spread by many celebrities... Not bothered... Yesudas is truly a son of the soil and Maa Saraswati.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. If Mrs Jesudas is alright with that , why would anyone else's opinion matter? Are we all saints?